There are many elements in becoming a published author. The most important element is knowing why you want to write a book. Many people believe that they have a bestseller. However, it requires strategic planning in creating a bestselling book. It is not as easy as you may think. Some writers write a book in thirty days. For the most part, writers who write a book in 30 days may just want to have something in writing as a personal accomplishment.

For some writers turned author in 30 days, this would be enough. But for the serious writers who want to become household names, writing a book in 30 days is not going to satisfy their desire of becoming successful authors. Of course, if you desire to sell a mere 10 to 50 to 100 books, maybe the 30-day journey would suffice. For writers who want to dive deeper and release a life-changing book, to all those who dare to read their creative works; the challenge of investing more time is exciting.

Therefore, taking the time to spend months even years to write a book is necessary for creating characters of substance, and a powerful storyline. What are three reasons that you would like to write a book? The three reasons must be strong enough to motivate you to complete the process from beginning to end. Writing down your why statements are the most important steps in completing your first, third, second or even fourth book.

Each of your books should have these three why statements. Take time in writing down three solid reasons, as they will determine the directional flow of your career as an author, for every book that you write. Once you have your three reasons written down in a journal, you are ready to move forward in having your book published.