Company Profile

Higgins Publishing continues to expand and maintain its position of setting a standard in publishing despite the recession of 2007. Since its inception in 2005, Higgins Publishing offers clients a hands-on experience in the publishing of their manuscripts. Higgins Publishing takes pride in working directly with new and established writers, authors and speakers on a personal level. Despite the five-year global recession that occurred in 2007 through 2012, Higgins Publishing continues to publish and produce quality products in a very competitive market.

The founder of Higgins Publishing, Shanene Higgins, realizes the need to meet authors where they are in the publishing maze. With over 10,000 new products daily, clients need someone to help them navigate their way into becoming published and promoted authors across the world-wide-web and throughout the trade

Higgins Publishing partners together with clients to translate their dream into tangible reality, as well as, work with established authors to further enhance their brand through product design, marketing, promotion, and distribution. With the digital age continually advancing, Higgins Publishing also helps authors meet the ever increasing demand to present their tangible ideas in a professional manner in a competitive market for film consideration.